VAKE – Gear Suggestions

Departing the start line at VAKE means that you have packed and are wearing more than 100 different gear items. For each item you have several brands, models and sizes to choose from. A quick calculation shows that there are approximately 1,85 Undecillion ( 1,85 x 10^66 ) variants of what to bring. So good luck packing!

A growing list of gear suggestions for VAKE or any long distance trip:


(under development)




 Tent – Ultralight – Eston Si2  The lightest and most expensive tent suitable for VAKE  $2000
 Tent – Hilleberg Nammatj   Fast setup, verstatile and light  $610



 GPS- Garmin Montana  Large Screen, presseure touch for gloves  $500




 Kite compression bags - PKS  Switch to this light weight and low volume alternative  $20






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