DYI Kite Pulk

Why buy a ready made system for long distance kiting, when you can make you own!

And Pål, we are still waiting for your infamous PDF of how to make your legandary mono hauling shaft!

Longdistancekiting.com aims to credit photos and designs. So if you know, let us know who made them.

First of a design posted on VAKE’s Facebook page:

[AFG_gallery id=’1′]

This is a paris pulk, with a rigid mono hauling shaft. Look at the beautiful details. Those stitches must have taken for ever! The good thing though is that most design just throw a bag into the sled, resulting in snow and ice filling the void and adding extra weight . This design is snow proof. The strong mono shaft can probably also take a lot of torsion power and the pulk wont’t  flip over that easily.

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