Kiting 2300 km in Arctic Russia

Russia Artic 1

Kirill Korabelnikov and an additional team of three Russian kiters (3 men and 1 woman) intend to cross big part of the Russian arctic territory by the hardest deserted tundra terrain .

Total distance : 2300 km (semi straight line)
To be done in 2 stages :
- 1st stage April 2015 – Mezen – Naryan-Mar – Vorkuta ( about 1000 km straight )
- 2nd stage April 2016 – Vorkuta – Calehard – river Nadum outfall – bay of Tazov – Norilsk ( about 1300 km straight).

Russia Artic 3Russia Artic 2
Please join the prayer that the kites will stay high in this area 

The expedition will be fully autonomous  without  support from motor vehicles.
1. Means of movement : Set of 3-4 kites for each participant in size from 2 to 16 m², or, in the absence of wind and for overcoming woodlands – skis with bindings “ski-tour.”
2. Means of transportation of the expedition gear : the ski-sleigh on the rigid tow for each participant.
3. Navigation: GPS- receiver for each participant + set of topographic maps and compass.
4. Communication: walkie-talkie for communication within the group. GPS-tracker with feedback via satellite with «SOS-function”.
5. Power supply: solar panels on the sled of every participant.
6. Food : Planned ration 800 g per person per day for 15 days + emergency supply of 500 grams per person per day for 6 days.
7. Multifuel burners of various designs.
8. Lodging: Quatro tent.
Online monitoring.
You will be able to monitor the movement of the expedition at any time over Internet without leaving the office, classroom or without getting off the couch.
On the places where a mobile connection is available, the team will publish summary reports.

At the end of the expedition the team will publish a detailed photo and video mount.
 And if you know how to read Russian or want to see their updated images, follow them on facebook: transarctic.kite.expedition