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    Please share your ideas on the what the ultimate pulk, shaft and harness should look like.

    My personal view on the matter (will be updated along with my thought process):

    Ranked qualites of a kite pulk:

    1.Stable and not tumbling over
    2.Good tracking, so it does not slide on slopes
    3.Good glide on hard and soft snow.
    4. Light weight
    5. Easy acess to interior
    6. Short rigging time

    – Changeable glide surface so that you do not have to discard the pulk after towing it over rocks (like the paris pulk which will get a very coarse surface). Acapulka has an interesting changeable system here.
    -Integrated closed system with zipper, not a separate pulk bag. The last option collects too much snow.

    – One of the reason double paris pulks are so stable are that they in addition to being very wide is that they absorb shock energy and motion will be dampened. So some kind of energy absorption function could be useful. Maybe not so easy to implement.

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    Agree with Simen on the specs.

    The width should be at least 62 cm, tents and controlbar can be packed neatly.

    In wet conditions the water might pull the pulk down, depending on amount of water and snowconditions (sugar or wet powder). I suggest some kind of profile in the bottom so it get avoid this “watereffect” on the pulk. No problem when there is alot of wind, because alot of air will pass under the pulk. This is only a problem when walking and low-windkiting. I think a wave-shape of 0,5 cm under the pulk would do the job.

    The hight of the pulk should be higher in front, to get lift in powder and adapt when meeting hard snowdrift/sastrugi. The side of the pulk should be low. Maybe 10 cm should do the job, because it is possible to compress and tighten your gear better with compressionstraps. Another solutions could possible be that the straps is attached inside the pulk at sides at the hight of 5cm.

    To be updated…



    Very interesting project! Will be interesting to see where this leads…

    I made the paris sled with the monodrag that you see pictures of on this site. I have been wanting to improve on this design, and have a lot of ideas. Could be interested in contributing to this project.



    Maybe it could be an idea to specify the project a litte? Are you looking to make The ultimate kite pulk for VAKE and similar shorter trips, or the ultimate kite pulk for Greenland/antarctica and longer trips?



    Great that you want to contribute Eirik, my take on this is that we are developing a VAKE pulk, and a pulk for kiting weeklong trips.



    For me the perfect pulk would be designed around the gear I plan to put inside. I´ve been thinking about a pulk customized to the volume of my gear-setup for VAKE/week long trips. That way you could have a pulk just big enough to fit the specific gear that you are bringing, and thereby reducing weight. Obviously people have different gear so if you take this approach there would be no “one size fits all”.



    Great website by the way!:-)



    Please comment on the latest design release!
    Design release

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    Jarle H

    Yes great website!

    Me and Kristoffer made our own sleds last year together with the kayak maker Roar. But after testing we decided not to use them in the race. Se pitcure:

    pulks” alt=”Pulkene” />

    We used the Paris sleds as a mold, but the inside one. So the sleds are a little bit smaller. Our reason for making our own was to get the weight down, and because we hoped a stiff and rigid sled would glide better than a flexible one. We used a Kevlar cloth with carbon. We used double layer up to the edge on the first one, but one the second one we used single layer on the top part to save weight. The first core material was a standard one, but it soaked up to much epoxy witch made the sled to heavy. The second one we made with a honeycomb core witch we hoped would not soak up so much epoxy making it lighter.
    Most of it went good but we had some problems with glide. The first sled where just 100gram less than the original paris sled, but the second one was only 1,9kg (300g less than paris). This was a much higher weight than we were hoping for. We estimated a roughly 1,5kg on each sled. The sleds themselves are extremely strong. And we think it would almost be impossible to impale the sled, but it probably can crack, but the Kevlar will hold it together.
    The biggest problem with the sleds where glide. It has no structure, so it gets a worse glide than the Paris sled especially on wet snow. Another disadvantage is that it’s expensive to make Kevlar/carbon sleds, and since we cannot change out the “skiis” underneath when they get worn it’s not a sustainable solution.
    So our experience from this project is that the ideal sled has to have changeable “skiis” in some sort of P-tex material (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). I know the dog sleds use many pre prepped “mows” with structure and wax that they change during the race.
    The drawings look like a good sled to me. Looking forward to the end result!

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    Nils Arne


    Improved version:
    Width 70 cm
    Three glide surfaces
    Lower freeboard of larger parts of the sledge

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    The new design has been posted on the project page.

    It certainly looks promising and will be very exiting to try out. I would still like to see a changeable glide surface system, though.

    And a detail: Another wish regarding the pulk cover is that the non adjustable side of the adjustable webbing straps is stiffend so that they stand straight up and therefore no need to fumble around with the gloves to pick them up from the snow. Getting speedy in to the pulk when switching kites is important and anything that can decrease this time will be appreciated.



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