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Speed 8 and 10 with Lotus Cloth!

From Flysurfer: “They’re here! The SPEED4 Lotus kites in sizes 8.0 and 10.0m. After seeing the high demand for our larger sizes and numerous requests from stoked end-customers, our R&D team went back to the drawing table to further extend the SPEED4 Lotus size option. We are happy to now introduce these two new ram-air kites to the line, just in time for the autumn storms and the snowkite season.”

Lotus speed 4

See the video here

Race manual and packing list for VAKE is out


New this year is a lower weigh limit (LWL).  However it is not yet concluded exactly what this will be. Currently the lower limit is 35 kg packed weight, excluding kites, skis, food, fuel, and the clothes you are wearing at start.

Detailed waypoints are not yet released, and rumors has it it will be at least one new waypoint this year.

Looking at this highly classified image, it should be somewhere around Magistertoppen, North of road 891…

Waypoint rumors